For Us

“Il Ggobo Bg” is partner to Luigi Borgi and representative for Bulgaria.
Company “Il Globo real estate”  has high competence in the field of supply and demand for upscale properties and in securing full service associated with this activity.
The region of Lake Como, we are pleased to offer the following services:
– Initial consultation for public procedures for the purchase of real estate and aspects of Italian law in question
– Search real estate for living and for investment purposes with the relevant information and inspect the properties
– Assistance in obtaining Italian fiscal number (Codice Fiscale)
– Professional advice on investing in Italy and establishing a business in the country
– Assistance in opening a bank account in Italy
– Assistance mortgage loan funding the purchase of real estate in Italy
– Architectural and engineering expertise on the state and structure of the property
– Assistance in obtaining a residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno), published by the Immigrant Services of the Italian police , and also to obtain an Italian residence of foreign nationals the opportunity to invite guests.
– Support for activation and payment of utility bills for the property (electricity, water , telephone, internet … )
– Settlement of the employment relationship property
– – Assistance to insure real estate. Selection on Italian insurer.
– Supervision of maintenance , construction and renovation works to buy property in Italy
– Assistance for renting yachts , boats and planes
– Visa service
When buying a property in Italy pay taxes , notary fees, of real estate .
When buying a second home when it is not in the municipality of residence and when they are due to move residence in the municipality of property taxes on the purchase are 10% of the cadastral value of the property :
• Tax Register: 7%
• Mortgage Fee: 2%
• Cadastral charge 1%
These rates are valid for both private individuals and companies , if the company is not building and property as long as it is not restructured last 5 years.
1/ If seller is a construction company and have passed at least 5 years of construction of the property shall be paid 10% VAT tax and three flat rate € 168 , ie € 504 (3 x € 168 )
2/ For individuals with Italian residence if the property is a primary residence and not an elite paid :
• Tax Register: 3%
• Mortgage and cadastral fee: € 336
3/ For businesses owners with Italian residence and if the house is the first place of business and is not an elite paid :
• Tax Register: 168 evro
• Mortgage and cadastral fee: € 336
• VAT 4%
4/ Foreign individuals pay :
• Tax Register: 7%
• Mortgage Fee: 2%
• Cadastral charge 1%
5/ Foreign companies pay :
• Tax Register: € 168
• Mortgage and cadastral fee: € 336
• VAT 10%